1. Our Service is Door-to-Door :
You give us the address you want for us to pick up your vehicle.

We are going to deliver your vehicle to the destination address previously designed by you.
In case of your vehicle is in an area with narrow streets or any other problem that don’t allow the driver reaches the place to do the pick-up, the driver will meet you at the nearest and convenient place to load your vehicle.

2. A Single Truck to Transport and the Most Important : Non-Stop
We use a single truck to transport your vehicle. This means that your vehicle will be on the same truck during all the trip, from the origin address until the final destination. We are not going to leave your vehicle in terminals because this can cause damages. Your car will be load and unload only once. We also avoid the use of terminals because this may cause delays that you don’t want to have, for sure.

3. Complete Insurance Coverage: You don’t need to pay anything more for the Insurance!
When we transport your vehicle it will be fully covered by insurance , this means that there is no hidden costs in the quote. This insurance protects your vehicle from any potential damage.

4. Track Your Vehicle:
In general, the transport may take from 2 to 8 business days. If you want to know about the trip status of the transport, please call us. You also can log onto our website with your tracking number, the same tracking number you got when you signed the contract.

5. Non Hidden Costs For You:
We don’t work with hidden taxes for fees. When we give you our total price this include everything, like as: Fuel, Tolls,Taxes and Insurance.

6. A OK supports our troops:
We give a military discount

7. Some shipments take longer and are more expensive than others:
A route like as Florida to New York, to and from is most common and this makes the shipment less expensive and faster. For you to have an estimate on the time and about the total price, please contact us.

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