What is the average auto transportation time?
The average transportation time is generally between 5 to 10 business days, but it could be a few less or a few more, depending on what order your vehicle(s) was loaded in. For instance, if your vehicle was the last one loaded it will be the first one delivered, then it would take less time. On the other hand, if it was the first one loaded it will be the last one delivered.

What type of truck will transport my vehicle?
Your vehicle will be transported on an 4 to 10 car hauler truck. The trailer that is used is the same one that new car dealerships use to transport their vehicles. For Classic cars and exotic vehicles as well as motorcycles, we recommend enclosed trailers.

Is the door-to-door auto shipping service really true?
The door-to-door service is true! In most cases, your vehicle(s) are picked up from your chosen location, and dropped off at you specified destination, generally your home. The size of the trucks are larger than the traditional moving van or an ordinary semi trailer. Sometimes these trucks can not travel onto rural streets because of neighborhood restrictions and the difficulty of maneuverability, especially areas off of key roads that have low hanging trees or low clearance bridges. Our driver will call to confirm the precise location of your pick up and delivery and then will decide your accessibility. If you vehicle can not be delivered to your door then the driver might recommend to meet you in a more open area like a shopping center to load or unload your vehicle.

When shipping my vehicle, does it go to a terminal?
Your pick-up and drop-off location determines the use of a local service. In rare cases when the access to your location is limited, or where scheduling contradictions occur, we will use a terminal service. Our terminal services have full coverage insurance. Terminals may charge you storage fees.

When shipping my car, am I allowed to put things in the trunk?
No. Personal belongings are not allowed in your car or trunk. The reason we can not allow this is that the Department of transportation does not authorize the shipping of “personal items” in a vehicle that is being hauled by an “Auto Carrier”. If this happens we could be fined up to $10.000 per occurrence. Our second reason is that the carrier insurance does not cover any personal items in the vehicle.

How much notification do you require to pick up my vehicle?
Everybody’s schedule is different and the amount of notification required can change from week to week and from location to location. We generally need to receive 2 weeks notice but we can accommodate shorter notices for an expedite fee. The more time you give us, the better our chances are of securing your spot on a truck to meet your required needs.

What types of payment are accepted for auto shipping?
The payments we accept are: cashiers checks, money orders, cash and Visa or MasterCard. A deposit per vehicle is taken to reserve your spot on a truck and at the time that your vehicle(s) is delivered the balance will be due.

I have my auto transport scheduled but have a last minute change of plans. Now what do I do ? Last minute changes?
No problem. Just give us a quick call and we can change dates and addresses in no time. Address changes are normally free of charge if it is in the same city or nearby town. If you need to cancel you automobile shipment we will return all of your money except $50 cancellation fee. Please review our “Terms and Conditions” on the contract to review the cancellation policy in further detail.